Check out my band's Dream Theater cover!!

u think so easy meh to cover that damn song? theyre good enough to even bring the whole song all the way through..

concentrate on precision man sanity.. once u hook it down.. it will be crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/
of cos it isn't easy to cover this song.
But if you can't nail it, you can't nail it. Simple as that. Stumbling through a difficult song doesn't mean that you can play it.

Saying that they have lots of room for improvement is definitely more constructive than saying it's cool or awesome or whatever, imo.
of cos you have a right la. no one is shutting you down.
But I also have a right to speak back to you, right? :wink:
Yea, the song's not complete as we still dont have vocalist and keyboardist. Its just the three of us playing around. Haha, anyway thanks.
cool man.. my band and me tried to play the whole damn album.. in a jamming studio.. we played up till beyond this life and then stopped ha ha it was fun..
Wow...if you guys were to complete the album, that would have been power! Especially if you guys nailed The Dance of Eternity, that song is damn complicated!
well. i guess it isnt the final product which matters but im proud to see pple who actually dare to attempt dt stuff. keep working on it. hey dhalif must show ur stuff too. :D
Potential is there, and so is the idea.... But I just wished that you guys could do songs a bit more simpler, just as to get the band to play tighter... then go on from there..... I bet you're gonna be the next ' * Quartet' in a couple of years..... Good luck!!
Great guitarist you have got there. The solo was done pretty well. Band has to work out more on the accuracy to get overall cleaniness and tightness throughout song. Keep it going man.....nice.....
I think it's just the recording quality that made it a little less impressive than what it should have been. nice try... but could use more practice :D