Cheap Les Paul


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Ok i have a friend who wants to get a very cheap les paul below $ it possible ? He doesn't want the epiphones because he has no money.

Another friend wants a cheap strat copy...budget below $500 too.
Strat copies are cheapest agmonst copies. Should be able to get one under 300.

LP copies you can also get much cheaper than 500, of course I'm talking about made in china products.

Actually I have a second hand korean made black epiphone LP standard. Some paint chips and scratches behind. Still within the budget, with 100 to spare.

New epiphones are made in china too already. Which is why the price has dropped too.
its just me lah... i will never buy other copies of les paul or strat.. i prefer strat to squier or fender.. lp to gibson or epiphone.. i dont like copies.. like so weird....

and those copies i think its not the standard measurment oso? cuz if its the same will kena sued rite?
eh brudder whut u talking? u prefer strats to squier or fender? lp to gibson or epiphone?? ?!!!?a??a????!?!?! :smt091
i have a 70's japanese made aspen les paul that i dont use too often..might be willing to let it go. definately under 500. its a bolt-on,though i really like the neck on it. comfortable.
craftsman les paul, its got a nice fake flame maple top, the tuners stay in tune, BUT gotta swap out the stock pickups coz their crap, anw its abt $300+
i would have dismissed the LTD EC50 as a quirky LP copy but it stood its own ground, is a bolt-on make so it differs from the LP philosophy. very playable & bearable weight-wise, sub-$500 to boot... 8)
but less than 500? you cant expect a set neck with that.

try looking at davis. i got a samick lp thr. made in korea. bought at 250. pickups personally found that it was quite ok but im still saving for dimarzio's. :p
Ok dont mind if i borrow this thread for awhile. Why is it that set neckis more expensive then bolt on? And... Whats the difference? Does it affect the tone? Thanks