Carvin NOMAD 50W 1 x 12 all-tube combo


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does ranking sport, the local dealer for carvin, carry these particular model of amps? These amps seem pretty good for the money though.... and the sound samples are pretty promosing too... so, any information anyone?
yeap Ranking has them, it sounds good if your looking for a good tube amp for the money this is it. Good warm toness.

blueark is smitten with them ask him.
Ranking sports currently has the Vintage 16. You can order from them the Nomad if you want. They quoted me $1.1k. Will have to wait about 3 months.

If you can't wait, Music Theme (opposite davis, quite a new shop) has one selling for $1250. The shop is damn crammed, but they'll let you try it out. One of the sales dude there thought it was an acoustic amp heh. I had to convince him it was not, and to let me try it out.

Both shops are owned by the same company actually. I'm not sure why there is a difference in pricing. Rental costs maybe?
d'ya know how much the vintage 16 costs?

ya i saw the nomad @ music theme too...the younger dude there dosen't seem to know he's stuff...dun even know what he had in the store...
The lady said abt 5% discount... Plus if u buy a head and cab, can get better price...

Design looks cool too, vintage tweed. But its a vinatge amp, so done expect much of modern OD. I heard its more of a blues drive.
its defintely nt a high gain kinda thign like a mesa or a modern Marshall, but go and try one, you might like it, i defintely did heh.

Reverand has some amps i heard were good, maybe shld go try some out.
Question is music theme the one with aria guitars and a Ds-1 for 70$? Is it accross luthermusic and next to maestro guitars/
both of the guys in that music theme shop have no clue about the products in store..when i walked in the younger guy was playing the worst rendition of the trooper i've ever heard with terrible tone, try to come over with his guitar to answer a question i had and couldn't because his guitar cable was too short,then babbled out some nonsense at which point i walked off.

comedy at its finest i tell you.
did u go into the correct one? there are 2 music theme shops in Peninsula and they are both on the same level.