Cab miking.


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I want to start putting down some stuff and am looking for recommendations for good microphones to put in front of a guitar cab. I have never succeeded in getting a good direct sound.

I have Guitar Tracks Pro 2 that I have previously used with a Line6 GuitarPort into my PC mic socket. The results have never been satisfactory. Actually, that might have something to do with it - I have two notebooks which of course feature integrated audio hardware so I can't go direct into the soundcard.

Can anyone tell me where to being with a mic setup please?

i boght a M-audio Fast track usb. and a SM57. after alot of failed attempes to get good tone i managed to finally tweak sumthing beautiful out. ( thanks james for the

i places the mic pointing direct into the centre of the speaker and moved it about... i would say 8 inchs? about a 15cm ruler length... arnd there la.

and i lowered the volume of my backing track. which i found out was drowning out my guitar sound. after balancing the backing track and my guitar track's volumes.

i copied the guitar track 3 times.. one panned hard left , one panned hard right and the centre one i added reverb and delay. sounds pretty good to me.

james also added that i should add delay to one of the left/right panned tracks to give wider "stereo" ..have yet to try it. but it sounds like a plan.