buying of X stuffs.

I'm desperately trying find x stuff at a more reasonable price. My friend went to city square today and told me no X cds/dvds in sight. :?
im thinking of ordering worth 200sing worth of x stuff from the internet. afraid that it'll be a fraud or something.

still thinking whether to buy or not.

i just bought the HIDE ZIPPER MASCOTS!!!
im a happy girl now.
dahlia, just don't get the bootleg copies...The quality is normally not as good. Where do you plan to buy the X stuffs? Ebay? I got all my X dvds from CDJapan. Highly recommend it, fast shipping + trustworthy + original.
im getting them from like - ppl said that they're trustable. or something.

and from some personal websites selling their original stuff. like X CLIPS and stuff.

im saving for last live dvd. and dahlia tour final.
dont know how to use that. :X
somebody told me to wrap money in newspaper and mail it to them.

as for cds and dvds. could ask ppl or shops to import for u.
merchandise. thats the big problem. got my zipper mascots from mise sxclusive. :lol:

other than that. i dont think i can find official merchandise anywhere else.