i dun mind waitting sial..wanna let people use then i buy... if i buy new its gotta be tried and tested... haha

i watched the demo.. i really liked the part where your picking dynamics can activate patches... so cool...

got people selling gt6 second hand

hmmm any gt-6 users here?
yeah someone selling for $600 on luther. anyways, am a pod xt live user. i find the xt series perfect for recording purposes. but maybe gt6 might be better for live use. or for use with an amp la. boss cosm tech is sweet..
think brand new is like $660 at citymusic. i bought mine for $550 2nd hand!! almost brand new. mint condition. am happy with it. haven't tried plugging into an amp yet but so far, it ROCKS for recording purposes. i actually successfully found the closest 'brown sound' ever modelled....! hehe...
i used to have a pod2.0 with the floorboard and all..and i was so dissapointed with it.. it was great at home thru my speakers . but when i played it loud onstage ARGH ... bad sound.

but gt-6 and gt-8 like... gt-8 seems to be so much better...
yeah, gt8 seems much better. but was thinking, maybe some functions are just redundant. so in the end, u won't use it most prob and yet paying so much for those functions. dunno la...i read something abt how now can connect 2 diff amps together...who does that??
nono in the demo.. he did it like.. he panned one dist to one side.. and another type of dist on the other side.. but 50ms slower then the first one , sumthing like that...
he got this like... wall of dist... sounded pretty heavy man.

thru what ive read online.. i can sorta deduce that the gt-6 / gt-8 is more like a tweaker kinda multi efx... but 15 buttons is overkill man.
me gonna check out the demo now. check out line 6 video too. they just posted it up too. am just curious what in the world line 6 gonna come up with to raise the stakes with gt8...keke...
actually having watched demos in the past.. i must say , the demos for the line 6 pod XT live and the boss GT-8 .... BOTH SUCK. both look and behave like hardcore sales men instead of guitarists demonstrating the product. the GT-8 one is the worst... " Oh look.. we have like SO MANY BUTTONS~~ 15 BUTTONS.. Look at all the BLINking LIGHTS~~ WOooT "