Bogner ecstasy red distortion pedal with boost switch


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Capture that big Bogner amp sound in a pedal with the Bogner Ecstasy Red. Designed after the Red channel on the Bogner Ecstasy amp, this pedal delivers all the heavy distortion you could ask for. Sculpt and carve out your perfect tones with four tone-shaping switches that go beyond traditional EQ. Ecstasy Red was designed using discrete Class A circuits like an amplifier - no op-amps or clipping diodes found in this pedal. The tone, response, and vibe of the Ecstasy Red is pure Bogner goodness!

Bogner Ecstasy Red Overdrive/Distortion Pedal Features:
Bogner's Ecstasy amp Red channel in a pedal
Discrete Class A gain stages - not op-amps and diodes like other pedals
Mode switch selects tight, mellow, or full EQ curves
Variac switch adds a "dropped voltage" dynamic compression to the feel and sound
Boost function with independent Volume and Gain controls
Pre-EQ switch controls "openness" and presence of higher range harmonics
Structure switch offers EQs and gain structures from various Ecstasy amplifier models
no box!
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