Blondie vs The Doors - Rapture Riders


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Blondie vs The Doors - Rapture Riders

BLONDIE and released as a single through EMI Records on 14th November 2005, Rapture / Riders is a brand new bootleg created by acclaimed club remixer Mark Vidler and ‘Go Home Productions’.

The track combines Blondie’s 1980 hit Rapture and The Doors’ Riders On The Storm and has quickly become an internet phenomenon. Since spreading through the clubs and onto commercial radio in the US, Rapture / Riders has taken on a life of its own and is now making its mark on the UK dance scene.
'Rapture Riders' see's official release, as new 'Blondie / Doors' single. Also on new Blondie Best Of album.
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After creating the track almost two years ago, 'Rapture Riders' (Blondie's 'Rapture' vs The Doors 'Riders On The Storm') is finally seeing a fully sanctioned, official release on EMI Records / WEA International this month.
I had the idea for the mix back in January 2004 and uploaded it via my usual outlet
under the name 'Allen Dean' in a mock ep format (see mashography). The track
eventually made it into the hands of Chris Stein who mailed me his "fucking awesome"
reaction, which in turn led to more friendly exchanges and a common desire to get the track out officially.
After having successful meetings with both The Doors and Blondie's management on
my trip to LA last year, all parties were keen to see the project through to a release.
Both bands very kindly allowed me access to the master tracks of both 'Rapture' &
'Riders On The Storm' so the versions that will be available are new mixes that I put
together, a month or so ago.
The track has gone to radio this week and is lined up for a Digital / CD / 12" release sometime this month.
Digital / CD Tracklisting:
1) Rapture Riders - Single Edit 3'50
2) Rapture Riders - Full Version 5'41
3) Rapture - Original 7" Version 4'57
4) Rapture - Original 12" Special Disco Mix 9'59
12" Tracklisting:
A) Rapture Riders - Full Version 5'41
B) Rapture - Original 12" Special Disco Mix 9'59
There is also a video planned for the single that apparently features unseen / home movie footage of both bands.

'Rapture Riders' is also included on Blondie's new greatest hits compilation, that is out next month on EMI Records.
Blondie "Best Of: Sight & Sound" is released on Nov 7th and is a double CD/DVD affair, compiling all the big hits and
promo videos that accompanied them.
Blondie are also starting a tour of the UK in November, which is dead cool. And I've been asked to DJ for them at the
Royal Albert Hall gig after party, which is dead cooler...
More details next update