Insomnia. Again. Yay. 8O

Through the endless downward spiral that is my waking consciousness, I've stayed up and heard a lot of roundabouts and gossips within the local scene that is really disheartening to hear on the whole.

I hear of Metal band A dissing Metal Band B because they don't play as well. Then there's Punk Band A saying that Emo Band B are poseurs. Not forgetting Indie Clique A saying that Rock Clique B are young punks that are this and that, and blah blah blah.

Stupid bitches.

I suppose it's like, normal to get on the case of people and their differences. It happens in every scene every where. Happens in the office place as well, and most other places. The only difference is that our scene is not just marginally smaller, but significantly so, than most other countries.

It was kinda a conscious effort on my part to step back from the scene and not engage in political warfare about hybrids lar, bastards lar, popularity votes lar, whatever.

So to any band of any genre that find themselves in a pointless warfare, hopefully you can take a step back and just refocus on the main point; making music.

F*ck the rest of the shit that might come along.
It's better to be a supportive neutral, then an antagonistic bitch!

ok back to, er, sleep!?

levan, ronin
I just wanted to clarify; that the above is just a general comment and observation. the examples are fictional of course :) It's inspired from the whole Pug Jelly topic. I just never saw the point of warfare.

The local scene needs a theme song! Like u2's, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own!

or maybe u2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For!

sometimes i haf to admit i feel jealous of other bands which get more publicity when they do not really cater to my taste of music or simply play simpler cadences... well tt's my weakness but i guess flaming them wun help much...
I guess, there's never any band that's universally liked by everyone. Not even the pop princess Britney Spears is liked by everyone, but that didn't stop her from reaching super stardom! But that's an industry that's way bigger than ours. If we can't even support 'successful' acts in Singapore, then we can forget about the public even blinking an eye.
well tht is pretty true levan... but as human beings we tend to bitch abt other bands.. but i also hope tht those whu does.. well will do wat levan said.. step back.. look at the bigger picture.. tht is to make music.. and whether the band sucked or not.. everybody has to start somewhere.. no one is born a talented ass.. talents are not born.. they are made.. so.. if anyone wants to bitch abt other bands.. look back at ur humble beginnings.. u were once them.. and they need ur support to work harder to achieve greatness... peace out..
well the whole moral of this "bitching" story is just... politics.
its an everyday human activity which happens also... everywhere!
where there're human beings, there's politics, and there's politics like these...

i would also like to emphasize that human beings do eat sleep shit n all...

yeah, why am i stating the obvious? cos well, i'm just writing with reference to the logic of this topic...

roninriot said:
Stupid bitches.

F*ck the rest of the shit that might come along.
It's better to be a supportive neutral, then an antagonistic bitch!

levan, ronin

the author of this topic has forgotten one really important, key point... n that is, to include himself in the category he calls "bitches"... :lol:

bitching about other bitches doesn't differentiate oneself from them...many times, the pot just keep forgeting to call itself black...
n well... how does one call himself a supportive neutral when he himself is bitching about other bitches? :smt082

OK, I've seen Ronin live ... and man, they sure kick ass...only a few local bands has made me say this, but yes, ronin, i love this band. they play the kinda music i thirst for... and they only do true blue, honest rock n roll music.
i like the charismatic levan on stage, and am impressed with the way he connects with the audience...
but well, i think he would be better off singing ... :D we don't really need another preacher who doesn't practice, nor another philosopher, especially a redundant one :roll: if you've been to army, there's a hokien term called "keh kan"... ok, you got it.

i'm always being crude and scarcastic (as usual), and well, this time its no exception...
and oh oh...b4 i forget, and in case you haven't realize, (and of course)...
i am also a bitch, and proud of it 8)
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!!

just leave things as it is.....
it`s been like that for too long already...
y care wat other people say or think abt u??just play watever music u love....who cares....i don`t...
i love stillwater's honesty :D genuinely appreciated! Thanks for the compliment, and the 'insult' too haha. You're right we're all bitches. You are one, and I'm one too. :D No double standards there. But the topic was simply referring to refraining from bitching about other bands, mostly. Though I think from the whole lack of sleep thing the focus wasn't really there. All in good nature of course.

I'm at snakeweed studios now, just finished recording session and electrico's starting on the 2nd album. exciting stuff!

btw, the topic wasn't meant to refer to ourselves or anyone in particular. just that the pug jelly topic was disheartening to see unfold somewhat.

My biggest regret of the week: Missed B-Quartet at BAR NONE. :S
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