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Yesterday was the 1st time in my life that I visited Beyond's Website. I felt kinda embarassed for myself as a fan that I only come to thought of visiting their website after they disbanded. Maybe its because when Lead Singer Ga kui died. I wasnt that interested in the progess of teh band that much and before that there werent such things as www., emails, websites an stuffs. I guess alot of us still remained in the era where they are four in Beyond and would like to remember them that way.

However,,I really came to know alot more of them after I visited the web, how the flet after the tragedy in Japan. Their love and views for Ga Kui and how talented/ Charismatic he was. When they disband i only noticed how hard they where trying to sustain his Vision and Legacy for rock music but it aint the same for beyond anymore without its soul leader. After reading alot of their materials and testimonials on the web i rely felt like weeping......Arghhhhh
Beyond is a band of legend proportion. As a performing band, they are extremely tight and balanced.

Their songs brings about such feelings from both the vocals and instruments, it can bring tears to one's eyes, even if I can only vaguely work out the meaning of the lyrics.

Don't fret about break-ups and new line-ups and what nots. Cause the legacy is already there, and this cannot be taken away.

To all the peeps out there who are not familiar with this band, they are a very popular Hong Kong cantonese Rock band, you should get a hold of their best of album to get aquainted with them. The sad thing is that the band leader met with a stage accident during a tour and passed on at a young age. The rest is like they say history.
Totally agreed with mikemann, those who nv expose to them should get a hold of their albums to get a taste of their music. Till now, think mandarin and canto music scene doesnt even have a band tat can hold a candle to them. Realli do us asian proud.

As for the Ka Kui incident, till now I still somehow think tat it is connected to the song tat he wrote, "hai guo tian kong" aka SeaSky. If not wrong, its the last song he wrote. One part of the lyrics were like this, "Forgive me for choosing freedom over ambition, fearing that one day I will fall...." Shortly after tat the incident happen, and he fell to his death. Coincident or wat??

Think he foresee tat something is going to happen, he even gave away his favourite guitar to Paul.....spooky...unexplainable....or maybe I think too much.... :roll:
Hey guys, totally agree... Don't think there're any chinese band out there who are as good. The lyrics so meaningful not to mention the great guitar solos.

Sigh... Makes one wonder what their music will be like if that unfortunate accident had not happen...
its ever more spooky

In thier last album, " I am Anger" there was a part where it goes " I'll never Die, i'll never Cry , ull see"

Even all three other members said to them selves that they had wished they did not set sail to Japan. But it was Ka Kui's vision and Idea to expand thier musical Horizons and they still gain preciouse experience, unfortuntaely the price to pay was too high.

It wasnt during a rehearsal that he fell. I was one of those stupid Japanese entertainment programs where they need to play game that result an accident.

Never before it appeared such a genuine chinese rock band/artist in history if u look back to the hong kong's entertainment industry. Now its all crappy and going down fall.