Best way to 'season' guitar strings?


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hey chaps?

was juz wondering...wat is the best way to season my strings?

any suggestions?

install the strings, make sure that the whole string is through (else u'll get a sudden slack when the string ball becomes unstuck.)

do bending on 12th fret, retune, do this for about 3 times.

if u have a tremolo bridge, dive about 2 semitones and retune.

your strings should at most be off by 1/2 to 1 tone after a day. Tune it back. Should be well stretched by then. 8)
basically, wad i do is juz tune it to standard tuning, then hit power chords and bend them as far as they'd stretch, den i'll do full bends on the other strings, basically after a minute of this the guitar is all out of tune, den i juz tune back up, usually abt 10 times and the strings definitely settle in and i have finger cramps, hope this helps
just pull it consistently until you you can feel the strings loosening(or getting tighter) again... dont pull too hard or else you'll break the strings, specially for the high E and B string... then retune...