Best place to buy CIJ/MIJ Fender?


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hey all im still very new to playing the bass,only played it for a year and lots to learn from you guys.

im planning to upgrade from my current squire affinity to a MIJ Fender,the affinity doesnt sound very good to me.
my questions are:
where are the places that carries Fender Japan?
which bass model is prefered for rock? (eg, jaguar,jazz,aerodyne or special edition)
what is the estimated cost?(needa save up a lil)

Sound Alchemy. The Aerodyne bass J bass should do fine for you. Actually any bass is fine, just how you EQ your amp to get a 'rock' sound.
ishibashi's store policy has changed so many times. i used to be a loyal customer until they put so many restrictions on international sales.

right now if i'm not mistaken the policy is that they are able to accept orders above JPY50,000. the last time i shipped a bass from ishibashi, shipping was JPY10,000 via EMS. shipping rates depend on the size of the box; in my case ordering a bass or bass+case had cost the same.

your other option is rakuten

i know some guys are really fussy and would never buy a bass without first seeing it, but it is precisely for that reason that you should order a japanese bass, with confidence.