Beautiful Customs

WOWWW!!! the guy must be a guitar builder crazy abt ibanez or something... i even spot a Reb Beach (Winger) model! but all the bird's eye and quilted maple and exotic woods makes me think of furniture! hehehehehhhe...
honestly i find the guitars kinda ugly.... abit over the top... the tribal circle thing at the back was kinda cool though...
ShredCow said:
And the Reb Beach model is custom made by him too... nice eh?
yeah, that looks NICE! i can still remember when i used to dream of owning that guitar! especially after seeing it at Swee Lee Plaza Singapura ages ago... and Guitar World Mag with Reb, Nuno and Kotzen on the cover!

the one this guy made is "too much chi-chi" tho... hehehehehhe... i remembered the original was either oiled mahagony or koa. looks delicious...

Swee Lee at Bras Basah used to have the Explorer look-alike piece also. i known there were probably 100 odd pieces made! and each piece is personally signed by Reb!
Hehe... everyone has different tastes... I love upon these as works of art... I would get something simpler... but with more switches/knobs/crap. ;)

yeah echoist... that Reb Beach explorer shaped axe is RARE.

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