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Apologies in advance to the mods for not following the 1 item per ad rule. I just have way too much gear to let go.

Selling off my bass collection to fund my new home. Here's what on sale:

1. KALA Ubass (restrung with Aquila strings, keeps tuning way better than stock, spruce top, passive piezo pup) $300
2. Atelier-Z Baby J Bass (Bought in Japan, inspired by the shortscale mustang bass but with single-coil Jazz pups and a 2Band EQ, transparent blue finish) comes w grey Mono Sleeve softcase $1200
3. Traben Array 4 Limited (Spalted maple top, fierce chrome bridge in a tribal design, google for it! Active 2 Band EQ) no bag $350
4. ESP LTD fretless PJ bass (Sunburst with Seymour Duncan Basslines P and J pups and a tortoise-shell pickguard) comes w Fusion soft case $500
5. Greco Thunderbird (White, 2 humbuckers, passive pups, bridge changed to a Gotoh for more stability) comes w soft case $500
6. Malinoski #93 Rodeo Bass (Boutique handmade bass, only one in the world. Shortscale, 2 handwound humbuckers and a piezo. Comes with hardcase. Just restrung with DR Red Dragons) $2500

All basses have been gigged with but are in great condition.

Please whatsapp 9855four6nine7 for pictures and to discuss. All prices negotiable!

Cheers all!



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