Bass drum keeps moving forward


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Hi.. well not only the bass drum but sometimes the hi-hats too! Is the solution to place a bench right in front of the bass drum or I dunno.. haha I get tired from screaming out to a standing musician to push it back for me while playing a song. Sometimes the carpet also like bleargh and sometimes no carpet at all.

So I'm wondering how to overcome this problem. Help is super appreciated. Thank you veddy much.

try adjusting the feet ot the bass drum so they are they are at a bigger angle. try and make it almost vertical in other words..
make sure ur drum is acctually suspened by the spurs if u get what i mean alot of ppl think u just rest the drum on the gorund but its only the spurs at touches the ground... raise the drum an inch above the ground
there is a product, though i cannot remember the name, that sells at drum resources at peninsula plaza and it's great to combat that.

it is made up of velcro straps that attach the drum and stands to one focal point - the drum throne. and they are adjustable. great product, check it out.
do you mean in your home? or at gigs.

i think if it's just like one gig then push something heavy, haha, it happened to me before just once.
other than that yeah the spurs should have proper contact.
can be used anywhere. its just velcro straps so the weight is close to nothing! basically its adjustable straps that attach the stands and drums to the drum throne. and its super durable. you can give nigel of drum resources a call and give him the product description and ask what the actual name is. i think its a real good buy..

sometimes at gigs the floor is too smooth and the spurs dont make good contact. my roadie used to use this on the drums, and it can work anywhere. check it out :)
Use your guitarist and bassist guitar bag strap. combine them together. Fasten one end at the Bass drum(side), go round your throne and fasten the other end to the bass drum. Adjust accordingly. Or you may use a rope or something.....
I used to do this when performing on stage during school days or at weddings at the void deck......
unfortunately i cant remember! sorry! but you could try calling drum resources to check.

yup, it's similar to the makeshift one mentioned. basically its all about attaching things to the throne as a base. very solid..hope that helps :)
haha basically i just put the set on my shoes... that's all:) that don't really happen to me most of the time though...
use a robe to tie one side of the bass drum, make a round at the throne and tie to the other side of the bass drum. When you sitting on the throne, your weight is restricting both the throne and bass drum from moving away. Even the bass drum move, it will move together with the throne, so relatively, the bass drum is not moving w.r.t you.
Simple physics logic.
huh?? how does it move forward if you have a carpet? shouldnt it like... stay due to friction. same for hi-hat. unless you hit really hard

maybe its some not-so-good carpet like mine, the friction between the carpeet and the ground is very little XD
Get your floor properly carpeted, or obtain some heavy plywood with an area that allows you to fit the kick drum's percussive head hoop onto the edge and room left for your drum seat and hi hats...

For your hi hat pedals and drum pedals, there should be 2 thumb screws near the posts. Screw them all the way down so that they'd dig into the carpet or plywood plank.

Try those wedge shaped rubber door stoppers that you may have at home or your nearby Econs if you wanna go budget.
since you are on bass drum problems. my pedal spring keeps coming lose. the knob that is connected to the spring loosens up every ten mins. do you guys wrench it or anything?