Negotiable XM T-5SR Electronic Drum Kit


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The T-5SR’s three 10” tom toms (2 x rack, 1 x floor) have two sounds each, which can be independently programmed for when you hit their drumhead or hoop. The 10” snare goes one step further, and has 3 sounds (hoop, drumhead and rim shot), which again can be set to play very different sounds. For example, you could have the snare’s rim shot programmed to sound like a cowbell.

The single sound bass drum is also 10” in diameter, and it’s held in place perfectly by XM’s revolutionary Rock Steady Bass Drum System. No matter how hard you kick this bass drum, it will never move or scratch your floor.

You can set-up the two cymbals as a Ride and a Crash, with the former having bell and surface sounds, and the latter having surface and choke functions. The hi-hat has two programmable functions – open and closed, with a surface sound for each.

The Tempo Series XSM-5S module is a simple and easy-to-use interface that can have up to 14 drums or cymbals plugged into it. There are five pre-programmed full drum kit sounds to use, or mix and match sounds from: Standard, Jazz, Latin, Dance and Rock. However, if you do already have a Roland V-drum module, these XM drums and cymbals can still be played together with it.

The entire drum kit including where you sit takes up 1.2m by 1.3m, so it easily fits into a small area. You get a bass drum pedal included, as well as cables, while the XM Full Body eDrum Rack holds everything together.

Front view of the XM Tempo Series T-5SR eDrum kit: For beginners, it doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to digital drums.

The XM Tempo Series T-5SR eDrum kit is great value for money, and an excellent option for drumming students wanting to have a good digital kit with better than standard functionality, plus admirable sound and feel quality. In addition, it looks so much better than the competition in the same price range. Just look at these photos! The T-5SR will help students easily crossover from their digital kit at home to a real drum kit.


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