Awesome Reviews on Green Monster's Ep from around the world and local newspaper


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Hey guys ... just wanna share some of the reviews that green monster's Ep have been receiving globally and locally
we were review by the newpaper much to our surprise some time last month
the article can be found on our facebook page with the rest of the review sites ( sorry not sure how to post Pic here) Dont forget to click the like button !!!!!

you can Download our Ep for FREE!!! at our Bandcamp Page
wow...does all this 'publicity' equate to massive download volumes? do you have lets say 5000 likes but only 3 people turn up at your gig?
Aquanaut .... I would really like to know what you are trying to imply with that remark of yours..... Could you be a clearer on your statement !!!
Aquanaut.... Could you be clearer on your reply... Cos I would really like to know what you are truly implying !!!!