Audio Recording & Music Production Workshop


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A 3 months workshop conducted solely in a professional recording studio and taught by industry professionals.
Brought to you by Hark Music and Sonic Studio, Singapore.

Attending this special workshop, you'll not only learn how to set up your personal home-studio, you'll also have the chance to put your hands on professional studio equipments and recording softwares.

At the end of this workshop, you'll get to own your personally-produced music CD, all the way from basic recording to the final mixdown.

Don't slip this chance for an once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Here are some of the workshop highlight:
- 12 lessons, 2 hours
- Taught by industry professionals (Mr. Darren Sim and Mr. Eric Wong)
- A Finale Production Project
- Extra Studio Hours will be given for project completion
- Special Introductory Price for FEB '05 intake

For more course details, please visit or email us at

Instructors' Profile - Industry Professionals

Mr. Darren Sim
Recording and Mixing Engineer, Music Producer

Darren Sim is a very active member in the Singapore music industry since the early 90's.
He is well known and respected for his excellent audio recording and mixing skills for album production.
He has recorded and mixed numerous award winning hit songs including those from well-known artistes like Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Gigi Leong, A*Mei, Stefanie Sun Yanzi, Sandy Lam and etc.
Over the years, Mediacorp has invited him to conduct several audio workshops.
His outstanding achievements and numerous album credits make him one of the most sought-after audio engineer in the music industry both locally and overseas.

Mr. Eric Wong
Composer, Music Arranger and Audio Engineer

Since graduated from School of Audio Engineering in 1994, he has been actively involved in the local music industry. He has also worked with producers like Li Sisong and Wu Jiamin as audio engineer. He is a song composer and had written songs for popular artistes like Andy Lau, Lin Jiayi and Huang JiaQian. He is also a music arranger and producer. Some of his recent music arrangement credits include local singer Cai Junjia and renowned veteran singer, Pan Xiuqiong.
His recent original instrumental music production that he composed and arranged had received many positive reviews around the world.
He also has excellent knowledge and experience on computer sequencing, home studio setup, audio engineering, music composition and publishing.