ARGGH! the pain... help appreciated

kinda hard to find exact replacements, but i got a couple of extra control knobs, if you want i could pass it to you, den maybe u juz get a white marker and mark the erm 'mark'?
The knob got to fit the alternative pot kinda thing. Its like a danelectro pedal. Not like say a guitar pot. Regardless I really dont mind man.
its a chicken head knob. I think you can try the repair shops or if really no choice, you can get it from ceriatone.
nono... not the chicken head. the round rubber ones. Thanks for suggestions. Keep them coming.

thankyou thankyou
thor666 said:
u can scout Sim Lim tower for knobs. bring ur AX1500G in case.
yup, like thor mentioned, Sim LIm Tower is the best place to try. lots of shops from basement to the top floor for u to check out.
poor me i dont even own effects. only a ds-1.. i just use the built in effects of my amp. :(