Are Beta Aivin pedals any good?

For the budget-minded, Danelectro Cool Cat series are 1/2 the price of Beta Aivins but 10x better. There are no digital delays, reverbs, or noise gates for the Cool Cat though.
corboxymoron- can i get danelectro cool cats in singapore? Where? Thanks :)

also, call me a noob or whatever you want, but what does it mean when everyone talks about "modding" pedals?
Danelectro stuff should be easily found around Peninsula / Excelsior, or second hand on the classifieds here. Stay away from the Fab series unless you try and really like it. The Cool Cat series is much better constructed.

"Modding" or modifying pedals usually means changing certain parts of the circuit. A typical pedal is after all just a bunch of electrical components and changing a resistor or capacitor here and there can result in different sounds. Some mods go further to change whole sections of the circuit, add toggle switches / footswitches, or even "rehouse" the pedal into a different enclosure.
ohhhhhhh, well thanks so much dude :)
lol i don't think i'll be doing modding anytime soon so i don't mind if the pedal isn't that moddable
I agree, Beta Aivin HM-200 sounds really good for the price. I didn't like the sound of the HM-100, though, so I'm not too keen on the 100 series pedals.
I tested their OD-100 with my N4, kinda like the tone. It was very cheap (chose the least warranty), so bought it anyway. Held up quite well, don't seem to have problems yet.

Was looking around for a phaser some time back, but didn't like it. Didn't try their other boxes tho, so not sure how they sounds like.
I agree, their fairly cheap and seems alright on certain type effects. But I guess it probably depends on what your looking for on a stomp box. It works for some people though. It's great if you can test pedals with your own guitar, actually I think you should. I happened to send in for a quick restring (was lazy) so it was great to be able to do that (pedal test).

Kinda interested to try their 200 series. Apart from guys above, anybody else has a good experience with one?