ApOGEE DUET 2 USB Audio Recording Interface


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Excellent condition, apogee duet 2 audio recording interface and pre-amp. Comes with the original usb power connection cable (runs off computer power which is very convenient when recording remotely), and all breakout cables for recording. You're welcome to test the duet 2 out on my mac when we meet so you can hear it's all working perfectly.

Here's a link to a recording I did entirely with this apogee duet 2. My guitar plugged directly in, and one $200 condenser microphone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OX81-ddOTw


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or email: daviddimuzio@gmail.com

Almost every recording you'll hear on my YouTube channel http://YouTube.com/DavidDiMuzio was made with this device.

Apogee Duet is an award-winning audio interface, headphone amp and MIDI interface making it easy to create professional recordings anywhere on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Mac. With Apogees legendary digital audio conversion and world-class mic preamps, Duet is the best way to capture your music with incredible dimension and detail.The new Duet for iPad and Mac features special circuitry designed to deliver professional performance for iPad use along with low latency USB 2.0 performance for Mac. And with the addition of MIDI I/O you can connect and power a Core MID compatible keyboard/controller while using Duet with your iPad or iOS device.A difference you will hearFrom the mic preamps to the AD/DA converters and the clocking, Duet is best-in-class and cutting-edge Apogee technology. With components carefully selected in critical listening tests and a highly efficient circuit design, Duet was built by Apogee engineers to make a difference you can hear.Pristine, next generation AD/DA convertersDuets AD/DA converters are designed to deliver the purest recordings and best listening experience possible.
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