Anyone using Delta 1010LT or used it before?


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I am eyeing for this card now (since delta44 is out of stock at Sinemax). I went to the site and checked out the specs and pics..All seems fine.

But my question is

1. how the hell do we do for tha patching? Is a patchbay really needed?

2. And anyone had problems running the card in AMD processor and Windows 2000?

Your advise is really appreciated.
i know of several users of the delta 1010 with no probs running ur config. try the cakewalk forums and do a search on delta 1010 u might have lotsa questions answered.
just tossing an option, but why not the echo Layla? but then again depends on what software u're using?
I'm using cubase sx. Why echo layla over delta 1010LT? I'm not too technical as u can see.. :oops:
driver support basically. i do know that drivers are stable with echo products but m-audio not so sure. if cubase sx uses the ASIO format then i suppose the delta is more suitable. but i believe that if cakewalk software then WDM is better off...and therefore the echo layla/gina series. cheers.
The only thing I dread abt delta1010LT is the rca connections and female XLRs. Hmmm.a DIY breakout box can be considered..
hmm how much u paying for the 1010lt? Have u considered the EMU 1212M? or Echo Gina24? read the reviews on and decide for urself from there. and also check cubase sx website for recommended soundcards. best bet is to follow what they recommend i suppose. i do know some guy selling a 2nd hand Marian Marc4...but pricey and quite limited on features altho its pretty good apparently.
am juz thinking for the price u pay might as well get a card with 1/4" inoputs/outputs and midi...
okie it costs $535. so for that money, am juz wondering do u realli need all those inputs? do u have a mixer? wat material u recording? etc. maybe with a bit more info folks here can help u better.
basically, u dun really need a patchbay. ur mics juz go into the xlr's. ur guitars/keyboards juz go into the rca. most prob need a DI. and i doubt the preamps on the card itself are anything to shout abt. so yep, i dunno, u might be better off with a simpler card (less inputs) and a decent mixer (maybe a yamaha?) just tossing some options. no expert but i figure this might be a better idea.
Thanks.. I need some serious thinking before I purchase blindly on this Delta 1010LT.

Of course a breakout box with 1/4 i/o are best in my setup,obviously.

Thanks again.