Any FANS of UFO??


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I was wondering, anyone of you fans of UFO?? They're a brit band that's quite big a decade ++ or so back.

Michael Schenker was part of the band and Billy SHeehan had a short stint too...

I was listening to it and it brought back memories of power rock days...

any fans??
Hi there,

I used to be a fan in the early 80s when they were at their peaks with albums like Lights Out, Obsession and their all time greatest album, the live set "Strangers in the Night". This live album is still consider as one of the greatest live act, together with Judas Priest's "Unleashed In The East", and Scorpions' "Tokyo Tapes". But their recent reunion is only for the nostalgic to follow. With the progression of rock to the present, bands such as Dream Theater, Ayreon, IQ, Spocks Beard, overshadow what they have to offer now.

man, i have the UFO Live VCD and Michael Schenker looks so cool in it...all dressed in black with the flying V between his legs, not moving from his spot.
schenker is one amazing and highly under-rated guitarist.

Such a tragic story though...

he's still a struggling musician up till now...

You know there's a japanese anime to tribute schenker....
I've heard of them from researching Billy Sheehan. Seen some pictures and things but never listened. I think I'll look around for some of their stuff in the future.
UFO - Profession of.

one of my fav n memorable solos by Michael Schenker, outstanding feel. 8)
I just watched the UFO vcd again and I am once again blown away by Michael Schenker! THE FEEL!

for those not fammiliar with UFO, the song 'doctor doctor' would be a good place to start.
profession of
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and there was this band called budgie with i turned to stone