Any device that stimulate snare?


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so i can practice my hand beat. and also any device to stimulate bass drum so i can practice double pedla. cant afford to buy drums now, no space.
I saw in a drum magazine they have these practice plastic pedals that make this clicking noise or something. They look very portable.
but i dont want the sound so loud so i cant practice everymornign adn night before sleep.

do you know where to get it?
very hard. u get a rythm traveller. then maybe pack the toms and the snare. left with the bass drum. trigger the bass drum to a module.
dhalif said:
LOLLLL STIMULATE... lol sorry man.. 8O

+100000! HAHAHAHA...

When I saw the thread I was like... :smt047


U shld try spanking one... That shld help... And use a brush as a additional toy.. Even better... :smt040
aw c'mon guys..haha juz a typo error lah!!
i see also wanna burst out redy no offence but ..

ok get serious..u can use the..pratice pads??
lol...I just noticed that.

Yeah, practice pads are pretty good for practicing (that's what they're for!).
You can get either the rubber one or the one with a skin on top (but more noisy).

My practice pad is from a company called regal tip or something.
not sure. ask swee lee or ranking
I got mine from a teacher (it has both rubber and skin).

If you want the rubber pads then I know that yamaha sell the pro-mark ones.