Another wierd piano


I was in Hong Kong 2 days ago (Time Square) looking for a lego toy for my son when I saw a music shop on the top floor called Parsons Music. On the showcase was a most amazing looking piano.


The one in their showcase was in red. It is a Schimmel. The keyboard is actually curved slightly (concave). Other than showing off a wierd piano, I wonder how easy is it to play something with curved keyboard. Too bad I can't try it since it was roped off. Beside this piano was another Schimmel Grand - transparent. Too bad can't try that either.


I did get to try to Roland KR17 digital grand piano - only a few minutes. Interesting feel - slightly light touch as compared with the other Roland keys, but very comfortable. Not to mention the sound is excellent from the lowest note to the highest. I was banging it so hard that the shop owner had to walk over and turn down the volume on the piano - I was too loud for another customer trying out the digital drum set...
I saw the first Schimmel piano a long time ago on some website I think, it looks really sleek and nice lol :D
Hey I remember I posted that Pegasus(If I'm not wrong) grand piano picture months back...

Feel likes you're part of an episode in star wars eh? 8)
Another weird piano I came across is a diamond cutting metal plated piano. The outer casing is entirely metal with diamond cuttings on it but the interior of it is made of wood just like a normal piano.

I don't have pictures of it but you can see it in Maksim's Kolibre MTV....
yah i've seen it before on the schimmel website. looks real cool. I used to have a schimmel upright but my sister inherited it when i got married and moved out.. :lol:
Ah. That's why is seems so familiar when I saw it at the showcase. Too bad I couldn't try it when I was there...