Andy Timmons in Singapore (video)

Gd Shit~!!

He's answering the tone question, the one that I asked! LoL~! 8)

And whos that I see at the last part jammin with Andy... :twisted:

Damn... Wish I was gd enough to jam alongside with one my heroes... :oops:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
the video you downloaded, it is about 20MB?

that is the correct size. did you try to re-download?
i love him man!! especially in his early days. see the hair? and i love the build up of this song, the tone and the 'vibe' and the expression. its juz great. juz want to share with u guys

hey i saw me in that video....!!!!
i remembered that nite after the Andy Timmons clinic, rite after that i was having a recording session at TNT, u knoe wat, i turn out to play like him that i couldnt sleep the whole nite thinkin bout it.
Whoa.....!!!! i actuali got the chance to jam wif him..... AMAZING...!!!!!!!!!!!
though i'm still a nobody....