amps without gain?


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hi..just many of your amps at home has or hasnt got a gain on the clean channels?

does it makes any difference playing it with one amp that has gain on the clean channel?

mayb u could use the gain settings on ur distortion pedal only compared to additional gain on ur amp?
My amp doesn't have a gain knob on the clean channel. I was jamming at this place with this amp that has a gain (level) knob for the gain channel and a master volume knob. Gosh the clean channel could actually distort when I pushed the level up, and I think it was a transistor amp. Weird indeed.

A gain knob on the clean channel of a transistor amp is confusing to me, but a gain knob on the clean channel of a tube amp is fun. :twisted:
hmm...when i went to jam...there's gain on clean channel..with it's pushed up, it didnt sound distorted too

my current amp has a gain on clean. but am changing to one without gain on clean. that's y was thinking whether it will affect the amount of distortion? or rather that gain on clean serves as the "volume" ?