amp recomands


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been playing for 2 yrs now. looking for a amp upgrade . always been playing the cube 15 . been looking at the avt-20 for some time.
but seems to me its like an amp in the newbie gutarist pratice amp range.
haven heard 1 b4 though .
how ab all valve combo like the laney lc-15
i owned an avt-20 once. 525 from davis. made in UK.

very versatile. good amp. im not kidding. also very loud.

i regret selling it away.. and got myself a cube15. cube15 = shit. well compared to avt-20. no offence to cube15 lovers...

=/ just my thoughts.

well im changing amp soon... maybe back to my old avt-20? or... mmm..

i was thinking of smarvo 40 watters... peavey studio 112. but they are like too loud for my HDB.. =(
hmmm. are tube amps better. coz if i get the laney lc 15. i would hook it up to a mulit fx and distortion pedal .