Almost Punk


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Hi everybody,

Just got my assemble in singapore strat, it really makes a lot of difference playing a real smooth neck and good set up, it makes you just want to play the guitar forever :)

I redone 2 songs , 1 is a clean tone slow cool jazz number and the other is just straight rock and roll with a little overdrive.

yo dude... your guitar seems to be out of tune ..either that or you were playing in the wrong key..
ya it's off by a few cents i think. if you want the old school sound thou, tune your guitar at A-438Hz.
ah...the bass don't really fit the tune for a big part of the song. As a song, it has no direction. Pre-written songs need to have a theme and direction. But as a freestyle jam, the guitar is ok, bass not ok. Seems to be some tuning/key problem? I hope my comments are helping you bro. :)
well that's why it is called Almost punk :p I am just testing my new axe and also a new bass tone. this was recorded at about 5am and the mind was not very clear. It is just free jam , just play what I am feeling at the time .

Thank you for all your comment :) I will post a properly compose and arrange tune next time .

yea, maybe you should stop playing the minor pentatonic scale up and down too much in your songs, try to move all over the fretboard when you play, not just at that area, cos its pretty obvious. Just hoping to help again! :) btw, i cant hear your new song, Old School Punk, its not on your website. Hope to hear some new stuff! :)