Advice on string gauge and pickups?


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hi there, need some help over here
and here how it goes.

I changed my string gauge from .09to .10 and my D machine head just popped out. However it's not the screws that popped out. It's the outer portion of the head that's attached to the platform of the screwed part. Cant really describe with words, but if you guys have the same machine heads you should be able to see them. I'm using those green plastic tunners on the Epiphone SG.

Previously when i changed from .08 to .09 the same thing actually happen ed and it was repair by luthermusic after that.

Is it common that after changing gauge, the tension on the machine head will be tight? having .10 on the guitar now, i don't tune it to standard. i'm on dropped B tunning and it's already tight. It gave me the feeling that if i were to tune up to standard something bad is going to happen. :)

Is there something that i should have done when changing strings gauge? like adjusting some parts to release the tension?

Adding to my doubts, what's the cause of the screeching and feedback of the guitar whenever you stop playing. i'ts kind of irritating when you have to mute for just a split second. My settings is kind of harsh as i'm playing hardcore, so i figured it might be the pickups?

Thanks Guys! :D
u gotta adjust the truss rod, and subsequently the intonation and stuff.

i don't think ur machine heads are supposed to pop up. maybe they're not properly installed/made or something.

Not sure if u're using humbuckers or singlecoils. Singlecoils have 60cycle hum and makes it noisy. A bad shielding inside the guitar can also create a lot of noise.

But when ur gain goes way over the top u'll always have noise.
You'll always get that slight feed back if ure too near ur amp and if ur gain is super high.
but the sound is very clear. certain part where i have to mute it for a split second, there will be the hum hum sound coming out. i tried standing away from the amp but it didnt help.

my neck didnt wrap i still need to adust the truss rod? which i've no experience in at all.
If it's already tight on the machine head now, will it wrap if i were to force it up to standard tunning?
it's probably singlecoils u're using.

u should adjust ur truss rod. u can look for a guitar tech (psst mikemann and empty71 look here). if u want, i can have a look for u if u bring to my house but i have no experience working with SGs yet.