Active Pickup - How to know if my battery no mroe liao?

When your signal sucks. You'll hear breakup.

If you're gigging, to be sure, you'll want to put in a new battery at the start of every gig. That's what the pros get their guitar techs to do.

You can get a test meter if you really want to use the battery until it dies that can show you how much power is left.
When you start hearing nothing i guess :lol:

Ok on a more serious note, just keep replacing the batteries. Usually once a month would do. If you're more kiasu, one every two weeks if you're a hardcore player. Don't wait till you hear breakups in the signal man, hehe, you gotta have good tone everytime you play to make life much better!
Or if you're a techy freak, one 9v battery lasts approximately 3,000 hours in an EMG pickups.

When the sound gets all weak and faded, when it lacks the punch it used to, change your batteries.
Vaiyen said:
passive pickups are hassle-free and sound better IMO.

+1,000,000 Active pickups are "dead". Passive have their own character.

Its like putting a robot next to a human. The two just dont match.
but musicman stingray and some warwick are active, how come they can have good sound? :twisted:
But the robot can do things the human can't :wink:

The each have their advantages/disadvantages. It's a little unfair to compare them actually. It's like, the way they react is different. Some people love the gain response, others just love the way it sounds. Victor Wooten uses EMG and sounds great. Don't compare, since it's all in the fingers :wink:
Speaking of fingers, can someone explain to me in words how fingers create your signature tone?

I know they do, I just cant seem to explain how.
It's just the way you play the instrument. There's no how to it. Your method of approach, your personal feel is just there. After a while, people recognize the way you play. Locally, the best example is still our good friend Dhalif. His style is damn recognizable after you listen to much of his OM stuff.
Praetorian said:
Speaking of fingers, can someone explain to me in words how fingers create your signature tone?

I know they do, I just cant seem to explain how.

for bass,there's a way to get that good kind of tone, and amp setting plays a part too...for guitar,prolly is the left hand and the pick =) diff materials of pic can give u diff kind of sound [imo]
There's no how. Exactly.

I always found it interesting how people can have their signature sounds.

Like when Vai plays a piece and you play the same piece, one can easily tell it's Vai.

Like there's some wierd spiritual force or something 8O
Theres no spiritual force or anything of that sort...

How you behave, carry yourself as a person, can reflect in the way you sound... it's just as simple as this..
*for EMGs only*

if you use 2 9v batts, and wire em in parallel, you'll double the life of the pickups


if you use 2 9 v batts, and wire em in series, you'll get more headroom with your clean tone
Cloudsky said:
Yah, do the pickups in fender strats have batteries?

not necessarily

onli when the electronics are active. then u have to replace the batteries within them.

most fenders are passive pups. this means that the pup(pickup) is a non- active magnet. an active pup is a pup which relies on batt power in order to create the electromagnetic field which cuts the strings vibration to produce the sound.

most strats are passive. an easy way to check is to turn ur guitar aroudn. if there is a plastic panel to unscrew, that is the active pups panel so that u can remove it and replace the batteries
i removed my back plate(and broke 4 screw holes) and saw nothing but the back of my bridge and 3 springs, no batteries...