Acoustic Saddles


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I need help here.. My acoustic guitar as damn high action.. im thinking of changing the saddle.. any idea where they sell those saddles which will provide a lower action? i dunwan those level ones.. cos e strings esp e thinnest is held far from e board.. press liao pain.. haha.. any idea?
Oh then I'm not so sure about that. But I'm sure some shops around excelsior might provide that sort of service. Just ask around? Some of them are friendly enough to help/give tips.
First, ensure your guitar neck not warp. If it's warp then you will probably have alot of problems on the long term basis. Also if you are changing saddle, go for a compensated one. It helps the intonation.
Genoscidal said:
they have those saddles u no nid ownself file down 1?

i think all aftermarket replacement saddles require filling, because its more economical for parts producers to produce one-size-fits-all parts that only require simple modification to fit specific needs. some people like their action tall, some like it low... so might as well just let the users decide how they like it.

my suggestion is that you just get a good guitar tech to file down your saddle for you. its a quick mod that shouldnt be too expensive. i'd recommend malcom tan, i know he reads thru these forums and i've seen his work before - very good work i must say. malcolm, are you out there?
haha.. so should i get a new saddle? or get someone to file down e old one? And how much do these saddles cost.. roughly.. in cluding installment and filling.. where would be great to do? Where does malcolm work =/ lol