Acoustic foams (where to get)


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Where to get acoustic foams in singapore huh? How much are they priced? I wanna buy in bulk lah wakkaa. Hope can absorb abit of the noise i make thru my amp.

But anyway, acoustic foams works on 'non airconditioned areas' right?

Like close ur window then on fan type.
Anyone? I wanna buy acoustic foams. Anyone know where to buy and how much is it? I don't really like to use egg carts... Got that unpleasant smell.. And it looks awful being pasted all over in my room? =/

Please help thanks.
well, i believe you can just go get Auralex. there is a cheaper alternative, for instance, go to Rankin Sports and ask them where they got their foams from. they got these foams stuck on their walls behind. Auralex is really expensive and unless u got a acoustic consultant to help you out, you might not really be making full use of the foams effectively. think i've posted the address and distributor for Auralex here before. try searching for it. if not, just got to their official webbie and u'll find the local distributors there. there is also another cheaper alternative, but need to find that one for you. can't remember....cheers