About this recently bought pedal..


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I recently bought a marshall supervibe chorus pedal but i find that when switched on, it gives a low freq buzzing sound...

I dunno if its the nature of the pedal or its defect. So i would like the public here to gimme some feedback about this matter...

the cable not plugged properly?try lowering ur guitar's vol on the volume knob..tts my suggestion=))
hm... i tink the vol lowered cannot solve the problem... cause wat if someone is using the pedal for performing.. cant really be too soft right?
Are you using adaptor... think I've read that it gives off some hum with a adaptor on harmony central.

HEY...me 2...i used an adapter and it gave this low noise, and when i used battery, it was fine. yea.. My friend uses the 1spot and its fine.

THe adapter im using is some cheapo one. yea. Its the adapter thats causing the problem
B4, u buy a new adapter, let me check with my friend again oki? dont want u to waste your money. Cos if u go to visualsound.com, it says that 1spot adapters can power all marshall effects. so let me check with my friend 1st.
I am using the 1 spot to power all my Boss DS-1 , CS-3, DD3, Ibanez TS-9 , Ibanez stereo chorus, Beringer EQ-700, Morley classic wah, Zoom MR-S4B multi track recorder, Boss Dr. Rhythm and a Marshall GV-2 no problem at all .
i think guitar 77 carries it, at 50 i think.... not very sure... i use a lazer daisy chain.... works fine for me