7 string bass


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did a search and nothing came out, i am in the market to get my 1st 7 string bass, nothing to expensive as i still need to get a feel if its worth to invest in a better bass/rig.

currently i am using warwick taranis and a vampyre dark lord and also recently i am playing quite actively in a djent band from my usual death metal band. The guitarist is using a 8er in F. And i found i am missing either D or G string from both my basses and can't dial in the bassline i have to their tracks. both basses cover the low rumbling tone but i need the higher strings to layer bassline to their polyphonic melodies. so i figure a 7 string bass from F# to C might do the trick.

any recommendations not going to spend a lot on it 1st until i get a hang of it and upgrade in the future. need to be able to withstand the usual tours and sounds good enuff for the studio (at least in the studio i can multitrack and layer with a regular 4 string bass for the D & G) but i can't get away on live shows . it need to be between usd$1k-1.4k.

thanks for reading!
if you are dead serious maybe you can contact zon to make a custom bass. i know a guy who did, not a 7 stringer though
i dunno if i am comfortable in 7er to go full on and spend that type of $$ up to 1.4k sgd is good, folks in TB recomended conklin.