3 guys available to form a Band (Metal/Djent/EDM/Prog/others?)


New member
Hello all,

We are currently looking to form a band at the moment.

The band currently consists of
2 guitarists
1 synth/keyboard player

We are currently looking for
1 drummer
1 bassist
1 vocals
(We welcome an extra guitarist too, especially if you have beneficial roles too. Eg: design/backup vocals/production)

Male or female doesn't matter, so long you know your craft and passionate with it. Age doesn't really matter either but we are 18-24.

The idea is a mix of metal, djent, edm, prog and whatever genre we are feeling, without intentionally restricting our musical directions. The songs we have written at the moment are leaning towards the heavier side.

We are producing our music in-house, saves any studio costs~ (if you do any form of graphics/audio/visual design that would be most welcome too)


If you are keen and would like to hear demos of the songs we are currently working on, do contact me via WhatsApp/Facebook.

Contact me (Aiden) at