Your top 10 favourite bands


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1.Led Zeppelin
4.The Doors
5.Deep Purple
8.The Beatles
9.The Who
10.Guns N Roses
1- Iron Maiden
2- Deep Purple
3- Cradle Of Filth
4- Black Sabbath
5- AC DC
6- Ozzy Osbourne
7- Guns N Roses
8- Dream Theater
9- The Beatles
10- Beyond (Canto Rock Band)
10 only ah... In no particular order...

1. Dream Theater
2. Smashing Pumpkins
3. In Flames
4. Opeth
5. Radiohead
6. Dimmu Borgir
7. Oasis
8. Guns & Roses
9. Therion
10. Evanescence

Plus a whole LOT more bands that inspire me...
1. metallica
2. incubus
3. tripping daisy
4. dewa (indonesia)
5. gigi (indonesia)
6. fountains of wayne
7. Oasis
8. beatles
9. foo fighters
10. nirvana
1. Creed/Alterbridge
2. Soil
3. Santana
4. Disturbed
5. Guns n Roses
6. Nickelback
7. Saliva
8. Lacuna Coil
9. Evanescence
10. Linkin Park
My top 10 band in no particular order:
5.Deep Purple
6.Dixie Dregs
7.Iron Maiden
8.In Flames
9.Mr. Big

2.Guns N Roses
4.Velvet Revolver
5.The band (bob dylan)
6.Lynard Skynard
7.X japan
9.Red Hot Chilli Peppers
10.Camp Freddy!!!!
1. Alter Bridge
2. Creed
3. Dream Theater
4. Hillsong
5. Switchfoot
6. Our Lady Peace
7. Skillet
8. Third Day
9. U2
10. Lifehouse
in no particular order

1.american hi-fi
2.Sonic youth
5.rhcp fighters
7.our lady peace.
8. Boredphucks/the suns
9. THe darkness
10. metallica
here are 10 of my fav. bands. (in no particular order)

1. plainsunset (really emo)
2. rioting james (really2 cool songs... check them out)
3. the all-american rejects
4. Rancid
5. Green Day(they're irresistable)
6. The Used
7. Blink-182(their old songs rule)
8. Finch
9. Rufio(great guitar works for a punk band)
10. thrice

some other great bands:
20 dischanger
Here's my top ten list (in no order of merit)

1. GlassJaw
2. Asian Dub foundation
3. Taking Back Sunday
4. The Used
5. Elizebelle Tears
6. Love Me Butch
7. I am David Sparkle (awesome local post-rock band)
8. Incubus
9. Stealers Wheelers (on the basis of that song featured on resevoir dogs that i can't get outta my head)
10. Nirvana

Such a rojak list, had trouble which bands to put in(so many i like)...maybe shld change to list the top 20...haha

1. X Japan
2. Dir en grey
3. Sadist
4. Onmyoza
5. Kagrra
6. Mucc
7. Sex Machine Guns
8. Loudness
9. The Yellow Monkeys
10. Luna Sea
In no order!!

1. Parking Lot Pimp (Formerly known as Urban Xchange)
2. Linkin Park
3. Yellowcard
4. Nickelback
5. Lacuna Coil
6. Aerosmith
7. Audio Insanity

Eh...I ran out...=)
In no particular order:

1. U2
2. Free/Bad Company
3. Three Dog Night
4. Eagles
5. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
6. Beatles
7. Paul McCartney and Wings
8. America
9. Counting Crows
10. Petra (1979-85 lineup)
my top 10 is........

1) Megadeth
2) Metallica
3) old GNR
4) Nivana
5) Skid Row
6) Helloween
7) Loudness
8) Slipnot
9) Killswitchengaged
10) ........ definately my own bands.........

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the local boys

my take on the local boys..
they deserve credit for making most of our weekends and gig visits enjoyable...

Neural Vibes - infectious dreamy and hypnotic guitar works. charismatic singer 8)

Dancing Nancies - awesome set they played at the esplanade. :wink:

69 - 3 piece. nope, they don't play none of that punky stuff. rather an accomplished band with tight arrangements and killer covers to boot. think Grand Funk and Deep Purple. \m/ :twisted: \m/

Zeotz - Bay Area Thrash veterans. they are the only band that i know who can fully capture that early-Metallica sound. \m/ :twisted: \m/

West Side - when they perform they just remind me a lot of jimi hendrix and the Doors. the singer's got wild stage antics.

One Man Down - when once we had the WTC amphitheatre, these guys would spew Rage Against The Machine covers as if their lives depended on it

Bushmen - Rasta we gonna get irie and steppin on the JAH! what can i say..they make you wanna sway and skank. the guys put a up a good show at Chijmes for the World Beats events....

Tri-ryche - heard of Queensryche and Dream Theatre? Progressive shit man. The drummer has perfect timing and offbeats. truly one of the pioneers of progressive metal in lion city.

Humpback Oak - a personal favourite. i am a sucker for depressing mellow songs and leslie low does a good job of making you feel suicidal with his songs. try to get their first album and listen to "Deep Door Down" and "Circling Square"..

Concave Scream - First time i heard these guys, it took me 2 months to get their cd off from my player. Good guitar works and riffs coupled with solid harmonisation for the vocals. hats off! :wink:


last but not least...hehe..Fatskunks anyone? :lol:
Dream Theater
Children Of Bodom
Sonata Arctica
The Living End
After Forever
The Smashing Pumpkins
1. L'arc en Ciel
2. Gackt Job
3. Dir en Grey
4. Nightmare
5. Moi dix Mois
6. Onmyouza
7. Doremidan
8. Lareine
9. Kagrra
10. Psycho le Cemu

:oops: More or less something like that...i can't really decide which band should come first...