You like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Modern Rock?


I had always loved Smashing Pumpkins music and Modern Rock Bands like Linkin Park, Rise Against, A7X, etc and wish to jam their music..

I am an experienced, left-handed hard-hitting Drummer who headbangs and simply cant shut-up..tend to do back up vocals too while drumming! 😂🤘
Here's a perfect example:

I wrote English & Malay songs too and with this current generation of "dancing/clubbing rather than jamming", seems like my Originals might be untouched sooner or later, UNLESS, you, yeah you, play with me..😎🤘

who is needed? Anyone who plays any instrument and I shall fill the gaps.. No preference, anyone is welcomed.. As long as you like Modern Rock music..

Text me @Nine-6-+w0-five, 9 O tree 7 🫣

"Play music your style and follow your heart rather than trend.."

Examples of my Originals: