Yamaha DG60FX guitar amp for sale ($400 or best offer)


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Email me at rassalim@yahoo.com.

This is a Yamaha digital guitar amplifier.

It is a famous machine that leads to modern modeling amplifiers, and the technologies of Yamaha at that time are concentrated.
This amp is easy to use with an independent 2-channel specification.

It reproduces the tone of a fender tweed amp to the tone of a modern high gain amp.

Output 60W. speakers are mounted. There is a little dirt on the speaker net. but sometimes noise may occur during use.

About This Listing
Yamaha modeling amp with DG pre-amp & power amp in a 1 x 12 configuration, with built-in FX, includes the hard to find footswitch and cable
And Speaker

8 different amps in one very compact unit
Headphone out for silent practise with speaker simulation line out/Digital out into a DAW, or use your fave IRs
This is in essence a DG Stomp with power amp & 1x12 speaker

Favourite amp of Allan Holdsworth for many years, as well as Clapton's favourite studio amp, Ritchie Kotzen, Ty Tabor and many more tone freaks!

Rough guide to amp models:

* Lead 1 - Marshall
* Lead2 - Soldano
* Drive 1 - Fender Bassman
* Drive2 - Fender Twin
* Crunch1 - Vox AC30
* Crunch 2 - Matchless
* Clean 1 - Fender Twin Silverface
* Clean2 - Fender Twin Full Blackface

Local pickup from Hougang preferred, will courier for $25 (Very heavy)

From fingerprints web, on the Holdsworth page:

These days, Holdsworth is using a pair of Yamaha DG80 112 digital modeling amps loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s.