WTT Jem77BRMR Bad Horsie (with Photo)


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One of the best Japanese Jem here, nick name as "Bad Horsie" due to his awesome Lo-pro whammy action with excellency of resonant tone. Want to trade this Jem to other Japanese Jem <or> JP6 (with piezo) <or> PRS CE series.

Guitar is in condition 9.5/10. No ding/dent except normal & acceptable user marks. Pick ups are original DiMarzio Breeds. Pick-guard is upgraded to Custom Vai design which is proudly fabricated in Germany. You can see in photo there are two pick-guards layers (Black below and Vai is mounted on it, both are custom made). Electronics knobs has been upgraded to push pull coil-split and using Seymour Duncan tone ports & Seymour Duncan 5 way switch (all made in USA).
Playability with best intonation set-up. Trade reason is I am just boring. Guitar has NO defect at all. WIll come with Ibanez Team-J hardcase (in photo is with Fender Deluxe Hardcase) + original mirror pick-guard. Jem to trade -> Jem 90HAM, Jem 10th, Jem DNA, Jem77PMC, Jem777DY, Jem77 LNG. Other Jems please no need to contact. Top up from either side is accordingly on value defined at deal. For PRS CE & JP6 (piezo), let me know what you have. Expecting to view those pristine guitars valued above 3K for trade. Contact 91099196.