SOLD WTT Engl Gigmaster head and cab Combo

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Engl gigmaster 15 guitar amp head and cabinet 1x 10 Made in Germany

Upgraded to another amp so not in use.

I am the first owner. Cosmetically got slight peel in the cabinet, but works and sounds great

Very versatile Power soak feature so can play low volumes, set from 1, 5 to 15 watts Effects loop

Does not come with footswitch (sold separately)

Other specs:[uid]=28

Trading as a set

New price is around $1700, i am valuing at $1000.

Open to trade ideas, boutique pedals (overdrives, compressors and delays especially), Suhr with top up from my end.. etc, synthesizers..

Feel free to PM me,

thanks for looking
Not open for further replies.