Wts Yamaha Tenor Saxophone YTS-62 III


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WTS Professional Series Yamaha Tenor Saxophone YTS-62 III

Helping my buddy to sell this pristine-condition saxophone. This was purchased from Yamaha Singapore about 18 months ago, lightly used (for lessons and practice), religiously cleaned after each use and always kept in its case.

This saxophone is listed at SGD4550 at Yamaha Singapore website and has gathered excellent reviews all over. A Protec case and a neck strap (valued at SGD320+) will be included with this saxophone.

Selling this set for SGD3500 (or PM me your best offer and I will consult with him.)

Please note this instrument does not come with a mouthpiece, so please bring your own mouthpiece and reed to test the instrument.

For all queries, please PM me here

Info and specs
YTS-62 III http://usa.yamaha.com/products/musical-instruments/winds/sax/tenorsax/yts-62_02/

Blue Protec Saxophone Case PB305CTBX https://www.amazon.com/Protec-PB305...65&sr=8-1&keywords=protec+tenor+sax+case&th=1


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