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Downsizing my gear-
RMC wizard wah - 180
Yamaha magic stomp- 250 with box & adaptor
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Letting go this spare unit
Put a little magic in your sound.
The Yamaha Magicstomp Guitar Effects Processor uses a 24-bit A/D converter to keep your signal pristine and a 32-bit DSP engine to deliver intense sonics. The Magicstomp II comes loaded with Yamaha effects: DG, AG, and UD Stomp programs, as well as SPX sounds and 99 factory/99 user presets. A redesigned interface and USB delivers deep editing access to all parameters. Has stereo outputs and a headphone jack. The Yamaha Magicstomp website offers program uploads and downloads where you can show off your patches and download new ones.

DLS Echotap -190 with box condition 8/10
This custom EchoTAP™ delay has a TAP Tempo echo and a Panel settable echo that the musician can switch between on the fly. The TAP Tempo can be set from 30ms to 3 seconds; the panel echo can be set from 50ms to 3 seconds. The TAP tempo and the Panel set echo have their own separate ECHO VOLUME controls. This is useful because many musicians use two different echoes and volumes during a single composition. The TONE control shapes the echoes from crystal clear replications to spacey echoes like the older tape echo units. The EchoTAP™ has two inputs and two outputs for use in stereo in/out, mono in/stereo out, or mono in/mono out (all Inputs and outputs utilize True Bypass switching). As in all DLS™ units, we use the analog instrument signal and mix it with the echo signals (this leaves your instrument sound and tone as is).

RMC Wizard wah-180
No velcro on the base plate
Low usage and under utilised
-Awesome tight low end and super smooth sweep.
-Best suited with overdrive and distortion for the chunky mids that you ever desired.
-Has internal trim pots for you to adjust sweep and volume (talk about versatility)
-True bypass
-Powered by a standard 9v

Carl martin headroom-190
condition is 9/10. with box and manual. This unit is a real spring reverb tank and is really a cut above the digital simulations as it doesn't add a synth-like feel/tone to your sound. It can capture the sound of amp reverbs as well as outboard reverbs in higher settings.
See pete thorn demo on youtu.be/L85Cr
Check out carousell for pics
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