SOLD WTS Yamaha HS50M Pair SB $190

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As stated, Selling my HS50M comes with only power cable. No box manual.No warranty. Use to be an audio speaker for listening pleasure until i sold off my HS80M. i connect it to my keyboard.

NOTE: One of the monitor has an issues, When ever i initially on the monitor, the sound only come from the 5" Driver. After about 10-15mins ON and playing some tune on my keyboard, the tweeter started to work like normal. Since it has no problem after the monitor are on for at least 10mins, i assume the components are all ok. Still sound superb.

Upon further diagnostic,
1) it could be a cold solder joint at the input (XLR /TRS) and the Volume knob.
As whenever i try to tweak this area, the tweeter gain it sound.

However, this is only what i think the issue is. Buy only if you know what you are doing. Non refundable.

It's a waste to send it to Yamaha and have the whole circuit board replaced. Selling to those who has a knowledge to resolder the board. If Price not met, i just try to find a place to do a re flush of flux and solder. Or i just keep it as i'm all use to waiting for 10-15mins for it to regain it sound. Testing can be done at my place.

Price start @ $190 (NO lower)
Buy Now @ $220

OR Anyone who can do re flush of new solder on the board, i might consider paying for your service.

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