WTS / WTT Way Huge Green Rhino MKI, Plextortion , CKK Anka Distortion , Pedaltank G2


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Hi friends

Selling the following pedals:

1) Way Huge Green Rhino MKII
Price: $120

2) Wampler Plextortion single footswitch
Price: $180

3) CKK Anka Distortion
Price: $70

4) Pedaltank G2 Distortion
Price: $80

All pedals are in perfect working condition.

Looking to trade if you have:

1) Small clean boost pedal like EP Booster and Super Chili Picaso

2) Biyang Tri Reverb

3) Pedaltrain 3

Purchase deal in north east.
Trade locations can be discussed.

SMS me at 91 83 05 34