WTS/WTT Motor City Afwayu


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Hi all

Looking to sell/trade this humbucker. It's black, uncovered with 4 conductor wire. It came with my James Tyler guitar, used it in a couple of jams and gigs. It's a nice pickup, and it rocks very hard, but I'm thinking of switching to something a tad less aggressive.

Would sell for $120, or would trade for a different pickup I can put into my Tyler. I'm open to offers, but would think especially hard about the following:
1. Arcane Brownbucker
2. Wolfetone Marshallhead
3. Bare Knuckle VHII
4. Seymour Duncan Antiquity JB
5. Seymour Duncan Brobucker
6. Seymour Duncan 78'
7. WCR Godwood
8. Motor City 2nd Degree Black Belt (Not the regular Black Belt, that's a little too tame for me)
9. Most pickups in the "hot PAF" vein

I'd much rather the pickup be black, as that color suits my guitar best. Or covered works too.

I can be reached at Nine One 2 Two Eight 130