Wts/wtt: Massive boutique pedal sale (bjfe/ktr/rockett/landgraff etc.)


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Need to clear out some pedals. MASSIVE PRICE DROP

Cash is king. Only looking for a Strymon Brigadier/El Cap (v2), Diamond compressor, diamond delays, and other cool stuff (XTS,bogner etc)

Whatsapp me at +60149003294 or email me at jesse.aeon at Gmail dot com.

I will be in Singapore again early July.

J Rockett Audio Pedals
Guthrie Trapp Signature $200

Chicken Soup OD $180

John Landgraff Distortion (Best marshall in a box) - $600 *mint*

Klon KTR $ 390 (1st batch)

BJFE Honey Bee - excellent condition - $450

BJFE Pink Purple Fuzz - great condition -$480

Wampler Faux Tape Echo v2 $200

Paul Trombetta Bone Machine $230

Providence Anadime Chorus $190

Teletronix Mullholland Drive MKII - $ 280