Wts: Whole pedalboard cheap!


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Hi guys looking to offload my pedal board as I am rebuilding it.

1) Ibanez TS9: Condition 9/10, does not come with box ($100), original price: $180
2) BOSS DS-2 (MIJ): Condition 9/10, comes with box ($95), original price: $180
3) Beta Aivin Pedal Tuner: Condition 9.5/10, comes with box ($35), original price: $60
4) BOSS DD-5 (with BOSS tap tempo (FS-5U)): Condition 8.5/10, comes with box ($230)
5) CNB Pedal Hard Case: Condition 8/10, can fit up to about 5-7 BOSS pedals ($25)

If buy the whole pedal board, it will only go for only $460! Interested buyers, pls contact me at 81002570. Thanks! :)