WTS: Warm Audio WA12 - Mic/Instrument Preamp


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Warm Audio WA12 Mic/Instrument Preamp Features:
-A robust 71dB of gain powers all your mics - even ribbons
-High voltage 1731-style operational amplifier
-Tone button gives you tonal versatility by switching input impedance from 600 to 150 ohms
-Fully discrete design
-48-volt phantom power; 20dB pad
-Mic level balanced input: XLR or 1/4" TRS
-Balanced outputs: XLR and 1/4" TRS
-2-megohm true hi-Z input on front panel - great for guitars, bass, keyboards
-Custom-designed Cinemag input and output transformers
-External power plug for low noise

If you're looking for a preamp for your new studio (be it home or not), do give this beast a try!

Enquire more at 91446632.

Going for $599