SOLD WTS Wampler Tweed 57 + Multiplex Delay!

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The Wampler Tweed 57 is the heart and soul of a mids 50s Fender Tweed amp. Just think Eric Clapton playing Layla: that tiny Fender pushed to the absolute limit for that crunchy yet 100% Fender tone.

Although the Tweed 57 delivers the sound of those vintage tones you have come to love and expect, it is not limited to only one particular sound. With a carefully voiced three-band EQ, you will be able to achieve a wide range of tones from your amp. Thanks to the fantastic “Input Simulator” switch, you will have flexibility and control just as you would expect on an amp from that period. Normal, Bright, and Linked input options cooperate with the EQ and gain adjustments to give you control that is easy to use and rewarding to play with.

Relatively new! Awesome amp sim by wampler that has a sweet fenderesque driven sound! Currently discontinued so its quite rare to find!

Negotiable for serious buyers.

Comes with box!

Not looking for trades.



Multiplex Analogue delay!

Awesome analogue delay pedal that mimics 3 classic delays!

Binson, RE-201, EP-3

Has the same swell circuit as the "The Wave" by Fox Pedals, engaging the left foot switch giving it a modulating swell. Both pedals uses the same 1776 PCB board!

Negotiable for serious buyers!

Not looking for trade.

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